Exercise for Senior Citizens

The real struggle begins when you get old. This quote is well-intentioned since it expresses an unavoidable fact. As we grow old, our body and mind start becoming weak & slow. Our bodies and minds weaken and slow down as we age. Our sensory organs begin to become less observant, our organs begin to malfunction, our bones start losing their strength…Sounds a bit uneasy right? But we can avoid these possibilities with a bit of body movement here and there. We are not joking! Just a simple activity of walking, standing, and stretching can help us be active in old age. If not just this, there are workouts designed for the forever youngsters at 60, someone’s parents/grandparents, that are easy yet beneficial to follow. Although the idea of senior citizens working out and pushing themselves may seem daunting... It does have some advantages worth considering.:

Benefits of Working out for Senior Citizens include:

1. It aids in staying active.

According to research, an individual who works out for 30 minutes every day with commitment is more fit than those who rarely work out. This, in turn, tunes our bodies to function properly and allows us to pursue activities we enjoy.

2. Improves Posture

Senior citizens can improve their posture with a proper workout routine, which will help them avoid back pain or spine injuries.

3. Defends against chronic lifestyle diseases

According to research, regular exercise boosts our immune system, assisting us in avoiding chronic lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, hypertension, and aging issues.

4. Increased Cognitive Capacity

A consistent workout routine allows us to retain the majority of our brain function, allowing us to think and perform our daily tasks without difficulty.

5. Increased Oxygen Intake

Exercising allows us to take in more oxygen as we exert energy and breathe more deeply. As a result, our brain receives a positive stimulus, which leads to fewer cases of depression and other mental health

6. Reduced risk of stroke and dementia Because exercise stimulates the brain and provides it with more oxygen. The chances of having a stroke or dementia are greatly reduced.

7. Less risk of accidental fall A senior workout routine improves body coordination and balance. This improves movement stability as well as prevents unintentional (and painful) falls.

Here are some of the activities that senior citizens can take up:

1. Jogging

2. Yoga

3. Brisk Walking

4. Walking

5. Movements of Standing and Sitting without Support

6. Meditation

7. Pilates (Under professional supervision)

8. Aerobic exercise (Under professional supervision)

9. Stretching

While these activities may appear simple, they are very effective in maintaining physical and mental fitness. These exercises assist our elder generations in developing an independent identity and giving them the ability to control their lives as they see fit. However, it is important to note that not every person has the same body structure or health condition. This is why it is necessary to engage in an activity that is more suitable for you.

Watch by Brilliant Wellness has created a section dedicated to senior citizen workouts to assist you in this regard. There will be recorded sessions with amazing health professionals providing guidance. Shahshi Sharda, Sandeep Desai, Dr. Nikhil Lad, Robert Dittler, Khuahhish Sharma, and Usha Devi Rathod are among them.

These sessions are designed in such a way that our older generations will be able to choose their workout and proudly lead a fulfilling life. They can be part of the fitness-minded generation through yoga, martial arts, or simply a lifestyle routine!

And now, without further ado! Get started!