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We want you to be the best version of yourself, which is what Watch By Brilliant Wellness is all about. Our app's user-friendly interfaces will help you get started in the world of fitness. We give you many paths to your transformation ranging from dance workouts, to celebrity do-it-along yoga sessions, to nutrition for all ages & backgrounds.

Still unsure? Let us explain why we are the simplest fitness app to use as compared to other fitness apps in the market in your transformation journey.


Set Sail with Our UI

Watch, India’s simplest fitness app’s home page does not immerse you in a sea of expert-level workout follow-along. Instead, when you log in and subscribe to WATCH, you will be greeted with a page of selected trends that are most relevant for you as a beginner making us the simplest fitness app to use as compared to other fitness apps available in the market. Keeping track of everything necessary to reach your ideal body is quite simple with WATCH. Think you scrolled the home page enough? The genre section is where you are sure to find your fit. Accompanied by an effortless-to-navigate UI is a smooth experience specialized for fitness freaks & beginners.


Variety of Workout Methods

You can get a complicated workout plan from anywhere on the internet, but with WATCH there won’t be a need to waste time. Our app allows you to get the workout you need with just one tap. With huge influencers giving you the recipe for a better body and health, you cannot go wrong with the simplest fitness app to use found in India.

A pleasant experience targeted at exercise enthusiasts and beginners is combined with a quick UI. Not only this but as you explore the app, celebrity workouts & senior citizen's workouts are also some of the distinctive categories which are not seen anywhere else.

In our Genre section, we give you 15+ categories to choose from. Each one of the categories contains our perfectly crafted recipe for the advancement of your healthiness.


The Work In Kitchen

Ok, so you've done the work on the mat or in the gym, now you need to watch what you consume. WATCH gives you a wide range of nutrition recipe videos to follow. WATCH covers a wide range of dietary strategies, from Ayurvedic to Detox diets, and is accompanied by industry professionals who are the result of the practices given by WATCH.

After enough celebrity workouts & yoga sessions, you would need to re-energize your body with good food. As the saying goes, good nutrition leads to a good mood. It is not just a metaphor with WATCH, since we aim to significantly improve not just your physical appearance but also your mental health and clarity. We are unique in that we consider our user's mental health when creating all of our material.


Keep WATCHing...

Having more than 1000 do-it-along sessions available at your fingertips to scroll through with ease makes us the "simplest fitness app to use" compared to any other fitness apps in the market . Aside from celebrity workouts and meditation sessions, WATCH wants to be known for its convenience of operation and variety of paths leading to a healthier and happier you. And so we come to the answer that why WATCH is the simplest fitness app to use as compared to any other fitness apps in the market.

What more to think about Simply download subscribe and choose your favourite trainer and start Working out or Doing a Yoga Session. Watch Yourself transform in the simplest possible way!