15 Superfoods for Amazing Health to include in your Diet

The way to a person’s happiness is said to go through his/her stomach. And it’s no laughing matter! A huge part of our mood is set by the health of our guts. So there is no doubt that things related to our gut and food are more than just important. They set the whole mood for the evening. And so what we consume and deliver to our body is something we should select consciously. Here’s us helping you understand the significance of the right food:

  1. Food is a necessary component of life.
  2. It makes up 80% of our body’s health along with exercise.
  3. What we consume has a direct impact on how our health turns out. 
  4. Food can make or mar your lifestyle. In other words, the right choice of food in the right amount can help in achieving formidable fitness and vice versa, you can have lifestyle conditions due to poor diet.
  5. Having the right food can help us prevent various chronic and severe health complications.
  6. You can lose calories with accurate food choices

Well, the last part might appeal to you the most! But it’s a fact that you can utilize in your lifestyle with the help of 15 superfoods that we are stating…So here you go!

 Walnuts - 

Your partner in weight loss, Walnuts are a great source of proteins along with a beneficial impact on digestion, (male) fertility, cancer prevention & cognitive function. You can include walnut in your diet by consuming them in the early morning after leaving them soaked at night. This will give you energy as well as increase your good cholesterol.

Spinach - 

Spinach is the best ingredient for a healthy immune system, good appetite, weight loss, well-hydrated body, better cardiovascular system, improved eyesight, and fetal development. It is a well-versed superfood that can be thrown into your salad combination, pasta, and veggies for a great and fit lifestyle. The best time to consume spinach is in the morning and night as it works as an energy booster as well as helps in sleeping.

Broccoli -  

Broccoli is a must in the diet as it comes packed with the benefits of lowered cholesterol levels, regulated hormones, good eye health, strong bones & nourished skin. This can be consumed in the morning or afternoons to reap its best nutrition and proper digestion. 

Honey - 

Honey acts as a good alternative to sugar with a Lower Glycemic Index and it can be used by diabetics in moderation. Additionally, it is rich in antioxidants helping in improving our heart health, it also aids in weight loss and retaining our memory. It is best consumed in the morning.

Ashwagandha - 

Ashwagandha is one of the natural ingredients that boost our body in every aspect! Be it our immunity system, blood sugar levels, cortisol levels, gut health, muscle strength, or brain function, this superfood ensures we are super healthy inside out! It can be taken at night for better sleep or in the morning as one sees fit. However, this ingredient should be discussed with your physician as it may have mixed consequences depending on some health conditions.  

Amla - 

Amla is the one component we’ve heard the most about in hair commercials. But unbeknownst to many, its antioxidant properties help in maintaining good heart health and brain function. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce heartburn, and acidity as well as keep our skin radiant and bright. It can be consumed first thing at the beginning of the day. Moreover, it could be consumed pickled or eaten plain with some touch of salt.

Black Pepper & Cloves -  

These two are super spices for a reason! They are a potential agent of keeping our bodies fit and healthy. Loaded with Vitamin K, minerals, and antioxidants, these two are great for digestion, regulated blood sugar levels, formidable immune system, and healing our respiratory system during times of cough and cold. Clove also works as a good detox component. The best way to use pepper is by boiling it and including it in our tea. As for clove, it can be added to various dishes like Biryani to make it flavourful as well as healthy. However, both are better consumed at two different intervals for effective results. Clove is best consumed before sleeping, meanwhile, Pepper is good on an empty stomach. 

Coconut - 

Our all-rounder Coconut lives up to its name by being a versatile superfood whether eaten raw or cooked. It is highly nutritious and filled with antibacterial properties along with being a good source of nourishment for our skin. This one can be consumed in the early morning as it boosts our system with its natural electrolytes.

Bananas -

Bananas are your energy booster pal in superfood. Packed with a lot of potassium and minerals, this one can help in managing hypertension, digestion, cholesterol levels, and a well-maintained cardiovascular system. Bananas work best when added with other food like milk and oatmeal in the time of morning when our activities are at their peak. 

Makhanas - 

Makhanas also known as fox nuts can help enhance our skin with their anti-aging characteristics brought on by high levels of antioxidants. Moreover, it assists in the better functioning of the liver, kidney as well as heart. An add-on to this is that it serves as a great snack for diabetics & those who have heart ailments or gluten intolerance when consumed without processing. For Women, this could be the perfect food they were searching for as it’s been reported to have the potential to manage hormonal imbalances as well as treat PMS.

Ragi -

Ragi is every diabetic’s solace. But did you know it’s good for many other aspects too! Like bones, teeth, hair, and skin as well as a good snack for protein. So don’t think twice before relishing dishes made with/out of Ragi. This superfood performs better in the daytime.

Oats -

Oats in our snack is the superfood that can resolve many of our health issues! With the benefits of regulated blood sugar levels, better metabolism, and inducing the growth of probiotics, it helps in making our standard of living better and worthwhile. Oats are best taken at breakfast.

Kokum -

This beautiful super drink is mostly used in the summer season to quench our thirst but it is a powerful ingredient for improving our guts, encouraging weight loss, and curing the issues of indigestion. Though Kokum juice can be consumed at any time, its best effect is seen on an empty stomach.

Daliya -

This superfood is on the list because it works as a savior for many people with chronic & lifestyle conditions like Diabetes, IBS, and Constipation. But it is also good for growing and building muscle mass and other essential minerals. Dalia can be eaten at any meal of the day. 

Bitter Gourd -

Bitter Gourd is a key superfood taken to control diabetes and the health complications that arise from it. Additionally, it also helps in the purification of blood and cleansing of the liver. There are many ways that bitter gourd can be consumed, be it as a juice or as a veggie meal or being creative & making parathas out of it. The bitter gourd is advised to be consumed in the morning and as for eating, it could be eaten in the daytime.

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