Online Workout Sessions

In today’s era, being fit is one of the mottos that we try to abide by. And why shouldn’t we? Being fit in both physical and mental sense helps us be productive & positive. Additionally, it helps in strengthening our body against various diseases and lifestyle conditions.This results in a better standard of living and working. And to help us in the same, the concept of online workout has come into existence.

Now there’s nothing complicated about online workout & fitness! Rather, online workout has given us a choice to stay fit despite our complex schedules and commitments to society. Online workout is defined as any activity that helps to exercise our body and mind to be more active and flexible.There are different types of online workout available for all age groups. They can vary in the degree of intensity & complexity. Here are some of the routine one can choose from:

Weight Training - Weight training aka Muscle/Strength training is a kind of workout in which the emphasis is on the building of muscles by using heavy equipment to put pressure on our skeletal structure to grow. This in turn helps in making our bones stronger and avoid loss of bone density. Dumbbells, Weight machines are some of the equipment used for this workout. It is mostly practiced by health-conscious individuals, bodybuilders and athletes. In this exercise, warm-ups & breathing are a necessary deal.

Yoga - A form of workout which includes asanas, meditation and breathing exercises to get perfect union of all our senses. It is practiced by health conscious people.

Cardio - Cardio exercise involves activity which increases our heart rate as it feels exertion. This exercise is also known as aerobic exercise since it uses oxygen from the body in the workout. Its benefit is increased oxygen intake & better heart rate. E.g. Cycling, jumping ropes & jumping jacks.

Martial arts - One of the disciplined workouts, martial arts is practiced to create unity of body & mind. It can be used for fitness, self defense and lifestyle routine. There are a lot of forms of martial arts which are practiced in India. E.g. Karate, Judo, Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Kung Fu & MMA. While it involves regular practice and focus, this martial art is a kind of discipline which is best when learned with dedication!

Gym training - Gym Training is the most common form of workout that’s known beside walking, jogging and yoga. It mostly consists of various exercise routines namely cardio, anaerobic, weight training, abs workout, lower body workout and many more. Since this workout is wide in concept, a lot of people opt for this workout.

All of these workouts we’ve mentioned are possible at home now, in the comfort of your home. Understanding the lifestyle all too well, Watch by Wellness has come up with a number of series which are lively to watch & fun to follow. The series range from junk food fitness series (our unique series #ThodaKhaoThodaJalao), gliding fitness, pilates, abs workout, anti-aging sessions & yoga. There are sessions for kids as well for keeping them fit and fine.

Our exceptional experts for this section are:

Mickey Mehta, Yasmin Karachiwala, Shivoham, Grandmaster Shifuji, Namrata Purohit & many more!

So why wait, join this journey for best results!