Celebrity Workouts

“We learn better when we learn from our ideals.” There’s no doubt that we do admire our ideals and try to learn from them, adapting their ways by knowing more about their struggles & journey. And well…, the beginning is rough even for them! But since they are the people who have been at the trials before you, they are more experienced & wise to guide you. And when it comes to fitness ethics, you know they are a great source of guidance.

Here we present some of our celebrity mentors who are part of the Watch by Brilliant Wellness platform with their different routines & sessions to help you lose weight, the right way without feeling burnout or discouraged.

1. Puneet Issar

The Mahabharat (of 1988) Fame is one fit case of individuals who won’t let their age define them! At the age of 60, he still goes for long runs of 8-10 kms, does heavy workouts and indulges in practice of martial arts. His motto of keeping health a priority amongst many other things, is a goal we can all look forward to. Check out “Desi Fit with Puneet Issar” on Watch by Brilliant Wellness.

2. Gurmeet Choudhary

Gurmeet started his career on Tv playing the character of Lord Ram. Now it’s been more than 10 years since then and now he is one of the fittest and best actors out there. But this fame and fitness didn’t come easily to him. Coming from a background of army, he was always working on his body through sports, exercise & a balanced diet. He transformed his normal self to 6 pack abs Gurmeet. Now sharing his insights with us, he is featured in the series “Fit To Dance Workouts with Gurmeet” only on Watch by Brilliant Wellness!

3. Shraddha Das

Shraddha Das is a fine actress and fitness enthusiast. Her love for fitness can be seen in the way she carries herself. She loves her activity of kickboxing, yoga and stretching, which helps her be healthy and well. To get into more details and learn from her, Join the session “Yogic Lifestyle by Shraddha Das.”

4. Sangram Singh

Sangram Singh’s story is a huge source of inspiration for everyone. For a person who was suffering from Arthritis, he overcame his health condition to become the person he is - a pro wrestler, actor, model and motivational speaker. He is known to have a dedicated lifestyle with a balanced diet and good amount of exercise. To learn more about healthy and stable lifestyle, connect with Sangram Singh on “Fighting Fit by Sangram Singh.”